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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

We are back from vacation... :)

We had to take a short summer break from some of our selling. I just finally finished my last class at East Carolina University and I am finished with my Graduate School experience. We also have spent some time in Boone, NC with our daughter. She moved to a new apartment that is closer to Appalachian State University where she attends school. We had a great time shopping and picking and got some nice new items to sell and to move in to the store. As usual, if there's anything you're looking for in particular just give us a shout.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

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Great 4th of July

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July holiday and that it was a safe one. We have added many new items in our booth at Ayden Antiques and Stuff. We stopped by and saw Steve today and he had many new items as well.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Predicta TV set

How cool are these? I am looking for one. If anyone knows where I can get one, drop me a line..

Saturday, June 16, 2012

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Vintage Chairs

I have enjoyed working on these chairs. Each one has been special in its own way and has taken time due to weather and wind. Detailing them is quite a pain but they look great once they are done. I am still looking for more chairs and gliders. If you know of anyone that would like to part with them, please drop me an email.
Before detailing

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Comanche Pottery Duck Decoy Planter

This duck decoy planter is one of a kind. Comanche pottery has been out of business for numerous years. They are well known for the swirling colors in their pottery. This piece is pristine and has no cracks or chips. It is a solid piece that would go well on a mantel or a special place in your house.

Monday, June 4, 2012

1940's Vintage Metal Chairs

I have a thing for vintage metal chairs. It has been this way since I spent time at my Granny and Dacky's house in the summer. I loved rocking in them and never forgot not to sit in them when they were hot. Here's a few pics of my latest projects...I have decided to do a few chairs in East Carolina University Purple and Gold. Thought they'd work great during home tailgatings at our house. Go Pirates...Oh, they are for sale...Email and inquire if you're curious.

Howdy Doody Cookie Jar

Get this one of a kind Howdy Doody Cookie Jar. It is is pristine condition. It has two small chips on the lid that do not detract from its value. This jar was made by Purinton Pottery.
Purinton Pottery is well-known by cookie jar collectors for their beautifully made cookie jars.
Howdy Doody Cookie jars  are very collectible because of their rarity.
Howdy Doody Cookie jars were made in 1953.
The company closed doors in 1959.

Price $600.00

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day weekend

We got to spend a relaxing weekend with the kids in Virginia. We got to hang out and be PaPa and Grandma while the kids went to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg. The weekend was capped off by a nice hour jaunt in the woods with my speedy daughter. On the way back to N.C. I could not be forced to remember our veterans. There was a caravan of bikers returning from DC and the last one turned as he passed and gave me a big Marine Corps salute as he drove by. You can't miss my huge USMC sticker on the back window of my SUV. God Bless our Veterans...

I will be posting more vintage and antique items this week ....Stay tuned....

Top picture is of a beautiful milk glass lamp we have for sale. It works too... :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hurricane lamp by Rick-bar sales

We must admit we have a thing for lamps. Since we bought our first Capodimonte at a yard sale, we have been hooked. I have even learned how to rewire them without killing myself.
Friday night we were lucky enough to purchase a very dirty, but somehow beautiful lamp. After cleaning it and taking it apart we discovered it is a rare Rick-bar sales lamps. These lamps are gorgeous, ornate, and are very collectible. This one is still in my living room in pieces until I can get it rewired and back together. Below are some pictures of it. The globe is free of nicks and chips. We have to buy a shade for the top and will have to search for the right one.

Vintage Metal glider,metal rocking chair, and metal chair

I bought a vintage 1940's metal glider, metal rocker, and matching metal chair a few weeks ago. They are the very popular Pie Crust design that everyone loved. For the past two days I have stripped and taken apart 1 chair and the glider. I finally got all of the rust off and painted the primer on this morning. This afternoon I painted one chair and the top of the glider. I love the green color and it makes the metal really pop out. I was going to sell all three items but by the time I am done I may just keep them. Gliders that are in pristine condition are hard to find. This one is a keeper. I hope I get them done before the end of the week. I would be tempted to sell all three as a set but I'd have to ask $700.00. I saw a similar set in Selma this weekend that was in bad shape for $800.00.
Here are pictures to show the progress.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Vintage and antique western goodies

My sister and brother in law own a store called Lone Star Country. They now reside in Texas. They have been dealing with antique and vintage items for years. They have access to numerous items that we don't get here in Eastern North Carolina. Please feel free to look at their website and contact them with any item you may be curious about. Their website address is http://lonestarcountry.weebly.com/index.html

I also want to wish my wonderful sister a very Happy Birthday...Love you Tracy :)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Vintage Owl Cookie jar

We have a gorgeous vintage owl cookie jar for sale. It has no chips or cracks that I can see. It would look great on your counter full of cookies. Chocolate chip anyone???

Simpler time

     Part of the reason we started our venture in selling antiques and vintage items is that we love them and know they last. We have a variety of items that are very old, but that are still in great condition. This brings me to a story.
     Yesterday we were at Ayden Antiques and Stuff chatting with the owner Steve. I was chatting and at the same time I was taking some overall pictures of the store. That is when it happened. The camera got stuck in the open position and quit working. This isn't the first time I have had issues with a Kodak camera. I drove home and got on to the internet to find a solution. As almost quickly as it happened, a miracle occured when I turned the camera back on and it started working.
     This weekend I will be putting together another slide show to display the amazing items that are available in the store. There are some great booth participants like us and Steve has some awesome furniture and antique items for anyone that would like to purchase them. Please come by to get a look.
     I am hopeful that the camera keeps working. If not, I will have to find me a vintage one that I know will work better.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

We are on Facebook- Rusty Pot Antiques

     As a way to reach more folks in our area, we are now on Facebook. We have had a great week with the kids being home for a little while. Our son is deploying to Afghanistan soon and we are very proud of him. Our daughter is home from Appalachian State University for the summer and we are lucky to have her with us selling our awesome antique finds.
 Please add us on Facebook when you get a chance.
    Our booth is Ayden Antiques and Stuff is doing well and we have had a lot of visitors. The whole store has a homey feel to it and there are many treasures located in the store for all to discover.
Lastly, many thanks to my new friend from Plymouth for suggesting I start a Facebook site for our antiques. It has been a pleasure working with you so far and hope you find more cool antiques.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Porters Liniment salve antique tin

Porters Liniment salve antique tin. It still has some salve left in it. Tin itself is very collectible. Made by the Geo. H. Rundle corporation in Piqua Ohio. I found this great tin in my Grandmothers attic in the western part of the state. This collectible is close to a 100 years old. I have never seen another one like it. Copyright date is 1916. The price for this item is $20.00.

Friday, May 11, 2012

8 Vintage Marcie dolls

We have 8 Marcie dolls available. They came from a lady that had them since the 40's. They are unboxed and would look great in a curio cabinet. The dolls are getting sold as a set. They are worn, have a few cosmetic issues and are going to be sold as is. They could be used in a variety of ways.  Drop me an email if you're interested.